Makeup brushes are essential tools in almost every makeup routine. They do everything from blending, smoothing, and buffing anything from foundation to bronzer onto the skin. And if you are applying makeup daily—whether a full face or just a touch of it—that means your brushes are working hard.


Now, here's the no-so-fun part. Over time, your brushes and sponges become the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, dead skin cells, oils, and dirt. All this buildup can begin to clog your pores and cause breakouts. Plus, dirty brushes dont work as well as clean brushes do—makeup can end up looking streaky and uneven do to the gunky bristles. Grossed out yet? Dont worry—its never too late to start getting your brushes in perfect shape.


From daily disinfecting to deep cleaning, We want to change all this. In 2020, during the new coronavirus, we created the NICARE electric makeup cleaner and dryer.